App development made simple...


App development made simple...

AppDevStore is a boutique style mobile and app development company focusing mostly on SAAS, subscription model businesses, and mobile game development. We started life in 2012 serving the SMB community, providing simple, cost effective, and mostly template based mobile applications but have since changed to strictly focus on custom developed cutting edge mobile applications provided to our customers as white labelled or third party branded complete packages. If you have an idea for an app, we have the expertise to handle all the design, development, marketing, and maintenance to make it a reality. We partner with you and consider your app's success our number one priority.  We firmly believe our customers are always right, largely because we are selective in only working with the right customers for us. We do not take on every project offered to us. True success in business requires a mutually beneficial partnership. If for any reason we do not accept your project it is in no way an insult, and we will likely point you in the direction of a company that will. and we will offer as much helpful advice as we can. 

Our Proven 5 Step Process

1. Discovery

We coordinate an initial discovery meeting with one of our experienced project manager as well as representatives from our design and development departments and the key members of your team that have the most direct input on your app project. In this initial discovery we will identify the specific requirements and discuss the best possible way to meet your apps ongoing needs. At the conclusion of this meeting we will determine all the "knowns and unknowns" and if necessary schedule a follow-up or secondary discovery meeting to gather things that may not have been able to be finalized in the first meeting. Before the discovery process is finished we make sure to find out everything necessary to create a full outlines of the features for your application.

2. Plan

After the discovery process is finished we formulate and present a full itemized production plan which will include a breakdown of design and development production man-hours as well as a total time to market and total cost estimates. We also address basic marketing and app launch / release plan to maximize the impact and reception of your app entering the marketplace and a plan for maintenance and even future iterations and revisions to keep your app current and relevant in the evolving marketplace. From finished discovery to plan presentation normally takes less than week.

3. Design

The design phase is where your app will begin to actually take shape. Our talented graphic artists and designers do more than create captivating images that reflect your brand, we also use our experience in user interface design to create aesthetically pleasing and intuitive layout for your app always focusing on end user experience. Our design team will provide concept art, layout outlines, wire-frames and and mock-ups, for your approval and revision. We take as much time as necessary and will continue to revise your app in the design stage until you are satisfied that the look and feel you had in mind has been achieved. Only after your final concept approval will your design be submitted for development to be coded.

4. Develop

After you approve your design, our development team goes to work writing code. Although we use modular code for ease of revision, we do not produce apps from templates. We code each app according to the specific feature set and requirements of the users, minimizing any unnecessary overhead, and maximizing responsiveness. After your app is function tested we walk you through the process to make sure your app gets published under your own brand name in google's playstore and apple's app store as well as other third party app markets (many other app development companies will publish your app under their developer listing, letting all your customers as well as your competition know that THEY are the developers of YOUR app). We partner with you from start to finish, but we don't leave you on your own after publishing...

5. Maintain

After your app is published our maintenance team works closely with you to support and service our app's user base. We help you to turn user data into usable feedback that will help you to keep your app popular with your users, cultivate positive user reviews to add to you market appeal, and we help you to determine the best revision and iteration schedule to make sure your app stays relevant in the changing market. We partner with you for your long-term success.




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